I live in an estate where the managers, who are the original promoters, subject us to all kinds of abuse. They make rules without recourse to the residents; they will not show us expenditure records or get us involved in the budget process or determination of annual service charge. They have been known to lock us out of the estate and even threaten to arrest our family members, while we are away at work, using the local police. When we fought back by approaching a higher police command with our case, they got someone to write us from Force HQ in Abuja, etc.


My Response

  1. Get your lawyers to advise you with a view to petitioning the estate management to the LASG, Commissioner, AIG and IG of police, and the President and publish it in at least two national dailies.

          This will achieve high embarrassment, de-marketing and speedy resolution of this               issue according to the dictates of the relevant LASG laws guiding this.

  1. Also take the estate to court and hinge your case on the NICON town and VGC judgements on similar issue.


Nigerians don’t listen and institutions hardly do their jobs until you cause noise and high embarrassment.