President Trump is at the Vatican visiting the Pope. He was also in Israel and Saudi Arabia all on this trip. His first foreign/diplomatic trip.
Why is he going around? These are important world leaders in these places. Why? Because they control religion. The major contending force in the world. The major cause of strife that seems to be unending and is threatening our civilization and collective way of life. There is also politics and a struggle for resources as seen in Israel, but a strong background of religion will prevent them from seeing things the same way.
You might argue that not all of them have the same impact on world peace. True. But they have one thing in common. A desire to be the only belief system. It is something that is clearly stated in their holy books. The followers are to convert everyone in the world to their belief and way of life . You will often hear boasts about how “our religion is growing”, even from those who will perish in hell for their individual life choices, according to the audit criteria of their religion.
What am I saying here?

Until the quest and struggle to have all the people of the world worship one supernatural being ends.

Until people learn to live and let live.

Until people stop to see themselves as forces of religious disruption in their societies, especially by using “all means”…, etc.

Until all these happen, there will never be peace in the world.
Hopefully these principalities can get their followers to have this understanding and do the needful in ensuring we all live in harmony.



Over 20 teenagers were killed by a suicide bomber, recruited by ISIS, at the Manchester Arena, two days ago. Boko Haram suicide bombers continue to take lives in the NE of Nigeria.

My condolences to all those who grieve and the survivors who live with scars and trauma from these incidents.