Trump is going to gain more followers from among neutrals and moderates.
Right wing and anti immigrant groups are going to be on the rise in Europe. 

Angela Merkel’s legacy will be questioned for a long time, unfortunately.

Arab migrant youth will be further profiled and targeted and this will, again, push them into the willing hands of the extremists.

Travel industry will be impacted. Global sales will drop and insurance cost will increase on some routes. Travelers will have bad experiences from anxious border control officers, immigration officials and locals acting out of fear and misguided retributive emotions. Visa restrictions will increase and local tourism should see a bounce, but…

Relaxation centres and large shopping malls and other soft targets are going to see a decline in sales. Online shopping will benefit but the human spirit will be the loser.

And that’s the plan. To make the world bigger and add more barriers whilst creating dissension among people of different faiths in order to actualize their agenda. In the end, it will fail, but not before a major climax and confrontation of state sponsors… after the current spate of Ostriching ends.