1]. When was the last time anyone, especially someone of means, went to jail for any of the offences in the electoral act and related extant provisions of our constitution?

2]. Who pays for the cost of election re-runs and how are they budgeted for? At INEC’s projected cost of $7.9 per voter and a PVC collection rate of 75%, Rivers state with a registered voter count of 2,537,590 cost us about N3B for their guber election re-run

3.] What is our rate of election annulment? Why is this so? How do we stack with the rest of the world in this metric? What system tweaks are being made to address this?

4.] What is our level of voter awareness and confidence? Do voters know the real reason they are voting is to employ folks to work for them? Are voters from certain regions confident to go out on election day to cast their vote? What is being done about this?

5.] Can we afford to keep militarising whole states just because of elections? Can we remove the element of security from our voting? Are we mature for robust electronic voting? Do we have infrastructure in place to actualize this? How have we fared in similar endeavours with drivers license, national ID card, “e-passport”, registration of births/deaths and Jamb/Waec examinations? What is the impact of the supreme court judgement on Dakuku vs Wike (2015) in this regard and can it be remedied constitutionally?

6.] Should a comprehensive electoral reform, with the five points above taken into consideration, not be pursued as a matter of urgency by this administration?