All the government thieves from all the regions and states of the country helping the solution of Lagos and Ogun states with investments; We want to say thank you as you help our IGR and GDP.

We drive though Osborne, VI, GRA, Lekki, VGC, Nicon town, Cameroon upon Eti-Osa, LFTZ, Agbara and Ikeja industrial and we see the monies from your bankrupted states in action. Even the Rolls Royce and Range Rover Jaguar dealership in Cameroon, that we residents visit only for tourism, cannot keep up with your thirst. Luxury tax lobade! Saa baamu.
We shall continue to do everything to make ourselves the investment destination of choice.
The latest inflow of $3M, from a meningitis ravaged state full of sinners, is also welcome. We don bite our tax commot in multiple ways as usual. É lé ton si be. The tax shall continue through the life cycle of the investment.

Ema se pupo.

Customer dada ni 🎼🕺🏻.