Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, (right) asking an army  Colonel why he drove on the BRT lane illegally – July 17, 2012
In disorderly societies, one of a leader’s most effective qualities is (demonstrated) strong resolve.
The people must have no doubt that cases of non-compliance, willful sabotage, deviant and disruptive behavior will be pursued to the full extent of the law.
The people of Lagos will never forget the strong message sent by Governor Fashola’s personal involvement, in stopping a senior army officer caught violating Lagos traffic laws by driving on a designated BRT lane in July of 2012.
The soldier was later fined N25,000 and made to apologize by the top military command led by the chief of army staff, General Minimah.
Hear the governor, speak about this incident:
“It is very unfortunate that those who ought to stand in defence of the democratic values of the nation are the ones violating the law. But it signifies my commitment and the commitment of the Lagos State Government that all those who will not comply with our laws should leave our state. We will not back down. There is a zero tolerance for lawlessness. There is zero tolerance for breach of our regulations and we are going to do more of this. We are going to take control of our traffic. We cannot build our way out of traffic congestion; our responsibility is to manage traffic and manage congestion”.

Image: Vanguard News