Everyone is born with a skill. Something innate that usually needs the right conditions before they’re made manifest. Your skills are often tuned to your surroundings. God, the creator made it so, to enable you thrive where you are naturally located. However, you may have some other skills that present circumstances in your current location would not favor.

Having a skill is no guarantee of success, but it’s a foundation you can build on. There are other qualities like diligence and hard work, ability to recognize opportunity and persistence, etc.
What is that thing you can do better than most? What comes naturally to you? How can you profit from it? What are the factors that can either promote it or obstruct it? What other character traits do you need to actively develop to complement your skill? What help do you need and where can you get it from?

As we have skills, so also do we have limitations. These are things that will negate the value from your skills and reduce the chances of you profiting from them. Some are a bad attitude, laziness, poor teamwork, glory seeking, pride, failure to ask questions or ask for help, untrustworthiness, inability to keep to time and general indiscipline.
You must identify them and actively work to reduce or eliminate them.
You may even be limited by your current location. A Fuji singer is no good in Maiduguri. He needs to relocate to Mushin or Ibadan.

So, today I ask you: Do you know how to cook very well? Are you good with colours? Do people easily follow you and work with you in accomplishing tasks? Do you have ears for melody? You good with numbers? Can you speak really well? Can you write? Are you given to long hours of study and research? Are you comfortable with strange shapes and complex design bits? Where you a champion Lego builder as a kid? Are you compassionate? Do you have charisma? Can you hold your head in a crisis? Do you like the earth and things that spring up from it…a natural farmer  perhaps? In what area of endeavor or everyday living do you receive the most complements? There are many others. These are just primary attributes that can be rolled up into higher level secondary skills.

You have been gifted something in you that can sustain you. You have something that you can build on besides the drudgery of your 9-5. Do not be afraid. Observe and ask questions from folks around you about yourself. Take notes. Show yourself open to criticism, correction and complement.

In closing, I ask again: What is that in your hand?