Square Pegs and Round Holes


November 8, 2015

On Whining Children

What every parent should learn is that constantly pandering to the whims and cries of one of their kids will not only create an unhealthy sense of entitlement in that child, but will increase the likelihood of the other kids envying and turning against that sibling. In the end the children will grow up somewhat disunited and will be constantly looking for ways to gang up and antagonize that child, especially when the parents are away from home.

Also, there will be attempts by the other kids to copy the antics of the manipulative child. This usually leads to being spurned by the parents who are by now sick and tired and don’t need another like the spoilt child they now have. This will cause bitterness and a sense of despondency in the copycat child.

So you end up having a spoilt child who will throw tantrums any time they don’t get what they want, sulking ones who think “why not me” and other brooding children just laying in wait to teach the special one a lesson.
Be wise.
And, yes, I am going somewhere with this…think about it.


Post-Election Tribunals and Re-Runs


While I like the fact that the process is being followed and hopefully more legitimacy will come through the judgement outcomes, the cost (financial, disruption in governance, heating up the polity, violence and loss of lives, etc.) is considerable.

For example, did you know that at INEC’s projected $7.9 cost per voter, it would take another N3B (approx.) to hold the Rivers gubernatorial elections? This would bring the total amount spent on getting a governor in Rivers to N6B!!! Note that Rivers has 2,537,590 registered voters with a PVC collection rate of 75.%, and elections will be planned based on the amount of PVCs collected, regardless of who actually turns up.

Another question is; how is this paid for? Is there a budget for election re-runs? What factor is this based on?

At what stage do we also resolve the root and immediate causes of these annulled elections? Systematic issues need to be addressed and consequence should be applied to those responsible for wilfully circumventing the process and carrying out acts of electoral fraud and violence.

Does anyone have facts and figures to show the INEC records on election annulment? Something tells me we would have to hold the world record on this one. The record looks to be abysmal just from at a glance.

That said, we have come a long way from where we “restarted” in 1999 and confidence is gradually returning to our electoral process.


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