Many years ago, a senior colleague, “Mr. Ade”, told me how he met his wife. He was driving in the rain and found her walking with two kids without an umbrella and with some uncoordinated pieces of luggage. When he stopped to offer them a ride, he saw that she was crying. They had nowhere to go. Her husband had just kicked them out of the house after she reported the last case of physical abuse to her parents and they sent him a warning.
This Good Samaritan offered them his home and in no time they were married. He told me this story as he invited me to his place for the naming ceremony of their third child together. Their fifth as joint parents. 
One hears of all kinds of domestic violence nowadays. There are testimonies on radio talk shows, pictures on social media, news reports of the ones that ended in loss of life and limb and even others that one comes across from time to time in person. I am not trying to be prescriptive, but self preservation should trump emotions when DV becomes a constant in a relationship.
Adekunle Gold’s 2016 album, titled “Gold” is the best album I heard all 2016 whether from a local or international artiste. How do you listen to an Album over and over and only skip one of 16 songs? I digress. Track 13 – Fight for you, speaks about a victim of domestic violence and how the writer would not only want to protect her, but present himself as a better alternative. 
It reminds me of Mr and Mrs Ade and the look on his face as he told me that story. My head swells whenever I hear that song. Adekunle Gold offers himself as one who would respect her and treat her like a king. He says in Yoruba – Aya Oba onsukun, Aya Oba onjiya (The wife of a King neither cries nor suffers).
Is she not your queen? Is he not your king? Why not treat one another as such? 
For you who is still searching: find “the right one” and make sure you treat them right…always.
Good morning.