That was how I was tending to mine and my neigbour’s lawns one time. As a routine, I would mow both lawns and water them from my sprinkler system. There were even times when I chased away stray animals and cleared anthills from my neigbours lawn. Even when they were out of town, I would ensure their yard was well looked after.

One time, I travelled for a few weeks and returned to meet my lawn overgrown, with dog poo everywhere, full of weed and sprouting a developing anthill. I looked across at my neigbour’s lawn and it was in immaculate condition. I was confused. 
After toiling continuously for three days, I was able to get things under control in my yard. So, after my Saturday maintenance activity on my lawn, I washed up and oiled my calloused hands and went across to say hello to my neigbour. I was greeted with the usual warmth and pleasantries. I found a way to bring up the condition I met my lawn upon my return. 
My neigbour said: “yes, we noticed things were not right at your yard, but we did not want to encroach. Also, we knew you would take care of it once you return”. 

*No neigbour, past or present was cited in this FABLE.


Photo credit: my lawn.