Divisive personality with a (sometimes) reprehensible message, but very good politician. He has succeeded at something a lot of people in politics fail at and which is the at the core of the game. Acceptability and strong sync with your target public.

In primaries elections, the voters are from within the party ranks. He has managed to latch on to the values of those ones and is now seen as a champion and voice for how they see the world.

This is why, baring any last minute underhand moves by the (now embarrassed) GOP establishment or if he truly overplays his hand, he will win the primaries and face the Democrats in the general elections.

Then he will move to the next phase of his project – find middle ground to appeal to the non aligned/neutrals by focusing on the issues that hold all people together in a manner that is acceptable, while hammering on the weakness of the democrat flag bearer.
He is not an experienced businessman for nothing.

That said, I do not see him winning the general elections against a strong democrat candidate.

What’s your take?