You know how Lagosians get introduced to a fad and then end up owning it more than the originators?

Here goes.

Location is Mosun and Tunde’s home at Eti-Osa-Upon-Cameroon. Mosun’s mum needs to return to Ibadan after a short visit, they are entertaining and this would not be a good time to face the trafiic from VGC roundabout heading back towards Cameroon after the Ajah “Ibadan motor park” drop-off.

Mosun: Tunde you need to call mum a Uber. You know we can’t take her to the park at this time.

Tunde: OK. I’m on it. *Reaches for phone

Maami: Ewo tun ni Woober? Se ka sa ti de Ajah ka wo motor Ibadan noni? *looking confused

Mosun: Oko to ma gbeyin de be no laan pe…

Maami: *Images of all kinds of wonders start going through her mind. These Lagos folk and their wahala have come again. Perhaps its one of those flying saucers she’d seen on the children’s cartoons and movies? Hmmm…

20 minutes later

Mosun: Maami, oya eje amalo. Uber yin ti de

Maami: *Slowly lifts her mass off the sofa and steps towards the door with trepidation. Heartbeat increasing….opens door cautiously and gateman is smiling towards her as he opens pedestrian pass.

Maami steps out, takes a swift glance at her surroundings, and finds only a Toyota Camry. No helicopter, spacecraft or anything resembling an oversized donut with a glass face.

She’s disappointed, but relieved.

Driver steps out of car, greets her and takes her bag. She turns and waves weakly at her daughter as she gets into the backseat.

As they drive off, maami mutters silently to herself:

“Awon omo yi o ma ni pa yon o. Se Taizi lason lo ti wa di Woober? Oloun ema gbami…”



Image credit: spravodaj.madaj.net