“No, you can’t talk about this, or that and that and this…
Because I’m somehow involved
I know them
I’m affiliated to an extent
I may be grouped by association
I don’t like hearing people talk about it…
Yes, even when it’s out there and a burning global or local issue
It makes me uncomfortable
You have to be a bigot to talk about that or tacitly insinuate or bluntly address it
You must hate me/us secretly
You are anti Women, Men, Gays, Moslems, Christians, Religion, North, SE, SS, SW, Middle belt, my people….
Can’t you speak about something else? Hiss.”

OK. We will speak about sensitive issues. We will do so sensitively and in a way that adds value, makes us learn, removes barriers and not worsen the situation. We will also ensure we regulate the discussion space so it does not degenerate into ugliness and anarchy.

Thank you.




Image source: Gawker.com