Got this “soon to be neighbour”. He’s as special interests as can be. Don’t ask why. Same industry, but different sides. Grew up in same Waffi. Kids go to same school, etc. I make it a point not to discuss politics with special interests…it’s their stomachs against reason. That battle is lost before you even start. He gloats no end on how the power of incumbency never fails in Nigeria, etc. I mostly just smile and go “eh hen?”
The other day, I’m out doing my thing next door when he drives out of his gate, rolls down the window, of one of his extra premium autos, to say hello. Sweating profusely too. Whatsup bro? Why looking so harassed? Bloody NEPA, he says. Inverter packed up and generator has issues too. Double whammy. Service folks on their way. Oh, OK. House too hot, so he’s off to a nearby watering hole. Do I wanna come? No thanks, bro. Busy with all that.
So I think to myself, so this dude feels the same effects of poor leadership and mismanagement like the rest of us? You see, my community has barely had light for 2 hours a day for weeks now. My household has spent countless thousands on diesel…even with inverter. Speaking about this is termed moaning and unpatriotic by some. Some others will quickly rationalize it by saying, it did not start today. For some, it’s the opposition trying to sabotage the incumbent, etc. The fact is that this administration met 3700 MW and almost 10 new thermal plants at various stages of completion with a definitive power reform roadmap handed over too. We barely have 3500 MW today. That’s for another day.

After that brief exchange with Mr. Special Interests, I feel so much better. With all that he’s got and the satisfaction he gets from “being in power”, even by proxy, we are all the same. It rains on all our roofs, the sun heats up our homes and NEPA can be “bloody” to him too. I suspect that there are several other ways that a bad government affects us all, regardless of affiliation.