Location: Slicks, VGC.

“Why can’t these people just leave Jonathan alone to finish his two terms?”
“I hate that APC abeg. No be so so thief like Tinubu dem dem full there? Which change dem wan bring sef?”
The constitution does not guarantee two terms, he would have to win elections. 
“These Yoruba and Hausa people sef. Dem no see how the Ibo people dey cooperate?”
How do you mean?
“APGA came out openly to support GEJ and they will not be fielding any candidate at presidential”.
Oh, I see. They must be benefitting from this government to the extent that they don’t need any instability.
“Yes na. Continuity, so that the transformation go kuku complete”. 
Bro, the eastern roads are some of the worst in the country. They must have other reasons for supporting him. And do not generalize, there are lots of Yorubas supporting PDP. There’s Buruji, Abati, Okupe and now the latest billionaire in town, Ayeni. 
No, Ayeni. He donated N5B to the campaign. And he’s Yoruba. What other support does GEJ need? 
“What of voters? Why na so so APC APC all the people wey I know for Lagos dey halla since?”
Oh, so you know say N5B na money and not votes abi, ok. Nice one. 
Meanwhile the agent don answer you? (He’s moving to Lagos from Warri).
“Bobs, I don taya for that town. Person no fit waka for night, dem snatch my guy motor last week, dem kill Oneya pickin as she dey commit for bank…I no go fit stay there again abeg. That your agent never give me better offers. Na so so after Ajah e dey send me since. Na vgc I want, or that Chevron side…”
So na so the Lagos enter your body? 
“Ol boy I fear you o. Which person body Lagos no go enter? See how everybody dey move freely. People dey sweep express! Express! Imagine? So so fine shopping mall, better night clubs…. The last time Wey I stay one hotel for Lekki, na so I see Oyinbo Wey dey jog for road…E fit try that one for Warri? Abi even Arab sef dey carry police escort, not to talk of original! This LAgos eh! If them fit just take this kain Fashola stone us for Delta… O bobs! E go too pure abeg.”
Shuo! I think say una governor dey do well before o.
“Abegi! No be only! With him bad head. Him and him wife don kolobi all the contract for the full Delta. Only that one e Sabi. the guy no work abeg. 
Which day you come Warri last? So so crusade poster full everywhere, Bendel estate sef don busy anyhow, the governor don broke all the road finish and e no gree complete the projects, avenue to Deco road still scatter till today. The guy no gree complete wetin Ibori start since. I bow for awa governor abeg. Thank God say Tompolo don cantab am. No senate for am. Odi Odi.”
So no be the same APC wey you no like naim dey make Lagos good for you to wan come so? You no think say dem suppose go work for the whole Nigeria from Abuja?
“You mean president? For wetin na? That Hawusa, abi na Arab e be sef, no go near that president until we complete our two terms. No follow all these lagos people o. You know say you be full Warri…You be area o. Abeg Ocho no bring that leg…wetiiin…ah ah. Na that matter you dey use style dey bring since? No go there o!”
“Where all those girls dem…ehen, where you…abeg give us another round of Orijin…”
“For wetin! no be only Buhari, na APC……mcheew…(muttering under his breath)…