Guys, how do you handle a situation where your son just cannot move? I mean, when your child dances like a whitey (lol). A few months ago, I had cause to rant about this on another forum. Please enjoy.

My son is going to be 4 soon and he still can’t dance. Sigh! No, it’s not down to shyness. And yes, I also could not dance when I was even 10. I grew up a shy kid. Watching him dance to my morning exercise playlist….hmmm…not good. Since he got back from a holiday and got impressed by a much older cousin (Bobos) doing some kick boxing-break dance type moves and doing the “helicopter” on his head, we haven’t heard word in this house again! He now jumps off key and kicks about, prancing from one end of the room to the other like Oyinbo Abaka! Why can’t he just stay on one spot and deliver? Ah ah! Now watching him move to his favorite tunes “paper” and “pull over”. No rhythm! I consider this a personal affront. Don’t worry; he’s a boy, so I’m not scared of bum bum dance or any of that other hoochie mama stuff. He’s got the 007 license. Just bust a move son! Not sure how to handle this…Now Sekem is playing and he’s saying “Daddy come and dance it”…make I go show am the move and hope he follows…wish me luck guys.