Guys, how do you handle this model’s metamorphosis…especially in the morning, when the mask comes off? I once heard of a dude who thought he had struck gold only for him to ask the person coming out of the bathroom (after going to freshen up) if she was in the right hotel room. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, this model’s make-up is “on point”, as they say, but mehnnnn…check the original naaa. How she go transform from “Omonososo” to “La Shondra” and come switch back again? Abeg abeg kuku leave the make-up permanently on, if na so. I would feel betrayed if you went back to plain old Clark Kent after this! And this is why I prefer my woman’s make up to be just a slight touch here and there. No masks please!

So, what’s your take guys? Ever did a double take in the morning? Ever told your wife to pleaaase keep the new face? Would you like that make up to be permanent or just kuku stay with plain ol’ Missus? What’s your opinion on make-over make up? Let’s talk.


*** Btw, this model’s make up is very nicely done…it’s not about her. #Respect! ***

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