Papa was not only a father in-law, he was also a mentor in many respects. He was always very happy to see me. He would call out “Kunle, se oju e re?” He liked nothing better than to have us sit around the upstairs outdoor lounge (Papa’s balcony!) and chat over all manner of refreshments. Papa! I remember him saying – “We get good fresh fish…wetin make them give you?”  He would talk humbly about his experiences and end by ensuring he passed a message of encouragement or caution to you in sharing his own life’s lessons. He was an inspiration the way he showed love to his kids. He wanted everyone to be happy and do well. He was also a rock of support during our trying times. I would miss him greatly. Ojabugbe will never be the same for me.
Papa, I am comforted by the fact that you lived a good life and had the best of everything life had to offer in their season. You also touched the lives of countless individuals, and indeed, your community. Even in your last days, weighed down by illness, you were still completing a philanthropic project for your local Church! I was not present when you got your call to The Almighty, but even that was one that showed divine markings. At the appointed time, you went out amid songs of praises in the presence of your loved ones to be received by your maker.  You were an exemplary man and I am proud to have known you and to have drunk from your well of wisdom.

May your soul rest in peace Sir!