I have changed jobs at least 5 times in my lifetime. Not all the places I have worked at have been pleasant. In fact, I’m back working at the place where I felt the most bitter and had the strongest desire to leave. Why did I return? The conditions changed. Never say never. I ensured I kept respect for my colleagues and management all through and after my transition to the next job. My network of friends and ex-bosses also helped in understanding the opportunities that presented themselves to me and the “new” work environment I would be returning to. What I am saying here is, never allow sour grapes burn your bridges, because you never know…
Here is a transcript of a Facebook post from an ex-colleague who got the short end of the stick. This was his public rant on the last day of his tour.
Enjoy it!


8 days notice, then I get told, stay positive, the motivation to start over needs to come from the inside, don’t be negative…Well here is my reply….Thank you for setting my career back by at least 7 years, no increase for 5 years they say, possibly no promotion in next 5 years, 15 years with them as loyal as can be, and this is how I am treated….lol what a joke…I will be looking out for some company out there that will appreciate someone that does not kiss an ass to get where he wants to be, but rather works for it. Yes I hope you see this you fat fuck, this is directed at you. This is me being the guy you thought I was, the impostor, the outcast, the one that does not network, but prefers to work his job instead of kissing somebody’s ass, and making others look bad so you can succeed!!! Everybody knows it, everybody is talking about it, no one has the balls to say it…I have nothing more to gain here by working here, so I’m leaving this place disappointed in a lot of people, disappointed in the company, yet going to miss the good ones.
Smitty signing off from Nigeria …hoping that my path would never cross those two faced asses again!!!