Recently I saw an episode of AY’s Crib, and could not help laughing at the drama that ensued when AY’s girlfriend was going all gaga from meeting Desmond Elliott at a shopping mall. She actually got her fuming boyfriend to take shots of her and Desmond with her phone. It was an ordeal for the poor man’s ego.
Generally we the “normal” Nigerians are kind of arrogant around our showbiz personalities. We give them that “Eh ehn?” “And so?” “Who e be sef?” attitude, rather than fuss over them in an overly affectionate manner like they do in other climes. Once I was at a party in Lagos and there was a Nollywood dude who I knew from shopping at his fashion store. In fact I was there just a few days earlier and we had quite the banter. You know how it is – shop owner trying to tell you the latest trend and you’re having none of it. Subtle stubbornness and all. He tried to sell me a long sleeved Chairman Mao jacket! My wife would have shot me for wearing that stuff.
Anyway, back to the story. We meet again at a social event. Here he comes looking sharp and being ushered into a baby dedication luncheon, where I was also a guest. As usual, the groupies were beside themselves trying to go pay respect, pump fists, hug and take social media bound selfies, etc. As a sharp Naija man, I just “boned” in my corner watching. At some point he decides to play the bigger man and walk over to say whatsup. He ended up making me regret my unnecessary display of immaturity or insecurity? Sigh.
I once heard Ramsey Noah went visiting an old friend in Warri and ended up only leaving the house in the dead of the night, with police escort too. Apparently, star gazing fans had milled around the house in throngs waiting to mob their favourite Nollywood hunk. Not funny.
A nephew, who by the way is an aspiring musician, sat next to Common on a flight from Calgary to Los Angeles. Yes, in coach! He told us of how warm and friendly Common was. They had a good chat, with him getting tips on kick starting his musical career and all. Fancy if that had been him and Naeto C on a Lagos-Abuja flight. Maximum boning plus noise cancelling headphones and dark glasses would kill any thoughts of socializing.
One time my wife and I were travelling through an airport and Tuface gets ushered into the VIP section. As usual you straighten your gaze and pretend to read the paper, oblivious to the attention he is getting from airport staff that had shunted you since you got there.
And then my wife says the unthinkable: “Look, there’s Tuface. I think I should go over and say Hi”.
Can you believe that! If she was deluded enough not to get the message from my sharp scowl, I replied for good measure: “if you get up from that seat, just don’t come back!”
Wifey: Go away, you’re boring joor. Can’t you take a simple joke?
Me: You for try am.
So what has been your experience with meeting celebrities?  Have you had any star gazing situation that went well? How about one that resulted in some mild drama? Please kindly share with us by posting a comment.



(No spouse was harassed in making this movie.)