President GEJ and the Ikeja Police College Commandant

The Nigerian Police College at Ikeja is the premier training facility for cadets and new recruits into our Police force. From the previously quiet landmark at GRA Ikeja, having boisterous neigbours like the Lagos high courts and the LASU teaching hospital, it has suddenly become a media crowd puller. After a Channels TV rejuvenation initiative, which exposed the rot in this institution, even Mr. President (GEJ) was moved to make an unannounced visit in mid January to see for himself. While GEJ’s visit was quite impressive and seemed to be what might bring about a renewed focus on improving the facilities at this college, his comments, as reported by the media, are far less inspiring. He was said to have queried the access granted Channels TV to film at the college. He also made statements that implied that the Channels TV initiative to revive the college, etc., was a propaganda attempt to smear his administration.
So what are conditions like at the Police College? Hmmm…how about deplorable, gut wrenching, disgusting, shocking, unacceptable, disgraceful, appalling, horrifying, atrocious, abysmal and horrendous. I could go on and on. My two-year-old son peeked over my shoulder as I watched one of the YouTube videos and made an eeuw face while gesturing at his nose. Phew!
So, now we know why these guys can never show pity to us citizens. Why they cannot be loyal to the State. Who passes through such deplorable conditions and retains their humanity? It takes desperation to spend a whole week at this concentration camp called a training school. The images are just like Auschwitz, save for the white exercise gear. The Channels TV video where the “inmates” were shown sharing one fish as they were being served their outdoor meals made me almost cry. 20 cadets to one fish? Goodness! These guys are basically trained to be perpetually hungry survivalists and “egunje” takers. No wonder their most coveted possession once they graduate and “make it” is a grotesque potbelly.

So who moved their cheese? What happened to the allocation for these folks’ welfare and upkeep? How long has this rot been festering? Will heads roll? What systematic changes will be made, if any? How many more institutions are in the same state?
 Like one commentator opined, the condition of the Police College is a metaphor for the Nigerian state.  Dilapidated facilities, non-existent infrastructure, break down of law and order, absence of consequence, unbelief in the government, grand scale corruption and a scrounging desperate citizenry.

See videos showing the conditions at the Police College below. I must warn you that your emotions will be greatly challenged after this.

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