Square Pegs and Round Holes


April 22, 2015

Petitioning Petty Hate

Too many sickos around. Too many. These are individuals and all kinds of groups and movements. They threaten everyone from dead grandparents to whole tribes of people. Some fighting their parents’ generational battles and others starting imaginary ones. They are everywhere…from FB to Nairaland and Twitter. They come in all hues and speak all kinds of tongues, including yours and mine. Some motivated by politics and economic sustenance while others are driven by corporate/communal ego. Why amplify them by forming a lynch mob against them? I just ignore them because they’re mostly insignificant. What is achieved by putting down a hater with no influence when we have those with clout,  following and weapons, making hate speeches and threatening the whole country all over YouTube and on televised interviews?


Boycott SA?

Argh! It is going to hurt. There was never a question as to my favourite holiday country. In the pix below is the famous trio of Table Mountain, Lion head and Signal Hill down yonder.

Smiling face says “Sir, we apologise for delaying your check-in. However we will make it up to you. You’ve got the best room in the hotel”.
Was too tired to appreciate those words. Just wanted to do dinner, draw enough of my 12 year old Scottish elixir to knock me into much needed sleep.
I wake up late in the morning, pull the blinds on the full wall window and voila! The Mother City’s  most prized assets on full display. A sight to behold even in the hazy weather of their June winter season. Been there done that…but this was different. Siya was def going to get a good tip at checkout.

The evening belonged to Long street. Full of Cafes and lounges…HIt Chez Nthemba and thank me later. Still have the Wine and Garden Route drives on my bucket list…but alas! This #Xenophobia of a thing kwanu!

As Nolu P puts it,The Republic of Cape Town is different…they love everybody. I suppose so…with Rainbows everywhere…what can I say.
But now I’m not so sure. There’s too much savage imagery in this head of mine. The sour taste of complicity right at the top is just too strong to expunge…that lack of interest from Zuma…the laughing policeman…Too many hateful scenes stored in my RAM. Emmanuel Sithole, knifed and bleeding to death in a Township gutter while his neighbours watched.  A gaping hole left in my heart.
It reminds me of how I felt after #BuniYadi…but its different. Too many acquiescing onlookers.

I hope I heal. I hope they change. I still love SA, but…

Please end the #Xenophobia and #Afriphobia. A #XenophobicSA will only hurt you in the end.

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